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Medicare Next Generation ACO

Steward® Promise is a Medicare Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO), one of 45 organizations across the country participating in the ACO model. If your physician is participating in Steward Promise you will have received a letter welcoming you to the initiative. As Next Generation ACO participants, your primary care physician and specialists will work together to develop a treatment plan specific to your health care needs. By working closely together to coordinate the care you receive, the physicians that care for you can more effectively keep you well and improve your overall health and quality of life.

Your doctor’s participation in this Model does not change anything about your Medicare benefits and it does not limit the doctors you can choose to see. Every benefit you currently have under Medicare remains the same. But it does do one very important thing, it gives your doctors the tools and resources that they need to take better care of you.

Steward Health Care and Your Provider are Working to Improve Your Care

The goal of Steward Promise is for your doctors or primary care providers to communicate closely with your other health care providers so we can deliver high-quality care that meets your individual needs and preferences.

Steward joined the Next Generation ACO Model because of a belief that there is a better way to provide care. Our community hospitals and physicians believe that providing world class health care, in the communities where you live and work, is the solution to the health care cost issue. By working together to provide care that meets your specific needs, our physicians believe they can improve your quality of life and make a difference in your overall health.

How does it work?

Under the initiative, Medicare will give your medical team the information they need to create a wellness program specifically for you. Your health care providers will work closely with you to create treatment plans to manage your overall health. They will always care for you when you are sick. But, instead of treating you primarily when you are sick, your medical team will work closely together to keep you well.

What will be different for you?

In order to keep you well, your health care providers need to get in touch with you more often. This means that you will likely have more appointments with them and more conversations by phone and email to see how you are doing. You may also be contacted regularly to discuss important tests, appointments, screenings and other things that you may need.

Medicare ACO Frequently Asked Questions

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